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Informatics Reporting Tools

To continually improve the delivery of cancer care across the province, Cancer Care Ontario and its partners need reliable information on the performance of cancer centres and other healthcare organizations in Ontario. Cancer Informatics resources help these organizations collect and report their performance data.

This page is a central resource where healthcare administrators will find the tools and information needed to prepare these reports.


Data Book

Data Book is a guide to the clinical, operational and financial reporting relationship between Cancer Care Ontario, and the regional cancer centres and other healthcare organizations. The information standards set out in the Data Book help us and our partners better plan and manage the cancer system so we can continually improve cancer services across the province.


Informatics Resource Request Form

Please email to receive a copy of the Analytics & Informatics Access Request Form.

Data Submission - Special Request Form

Please complete this form to submit Activity Level Reporting (ALR) or New Drug Funding Reimbursement data outside regular submission dates.

Stage and Pathology Data Resources

In 2011/12, CCO completed the Stage Capture Project and operationalized the provincial Collaborative Staging (CS) data collection system as well as the necessary infrastructure to maintain the system. This data collection system  aims to improve the way information about cancer stage is collected and used, and to develop tools and processes to help health professionals get accurate and complete cancer stage information for all adult patients in Ontario.

In 2011/12, CCO completed the Pathology Reporting Project.  The aim of the project was to make cancer pathology reports more complete and consistent by helping hospitals change to a standardized electronic format called “synoptic pathology reports in discrete data field format”.  The goal of the Pathology Reporting Project was to have all hospitals electronically submit reports to Cancer Care Ontario synoptically in discrete data field format.  Hospital implementation of electronic tools (e-tools) and the adoption of the College of American Pathologist (CAP) electronic checklists (eCCs) by Ontario pathologists has resulted in the receipt of this synoptic data in discrete data fields to the Ontario Cancer Registry via the newly implemented ePath system housed at CCO. 

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