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Lung Cancer Disease Site Group

The following list provides contact information for the current members of the Lung Cancer Disease Site Group (Lung Cancer DSG):

  • Dr. Peter Ellis, Co-Chair
    Juravinski Cancer Centre, Hamilton
    Phone: 905-387-9711 x64609
    Fax: 905-575-6326
  • Dr. Yee Chung Ung, Co-Chair
    Odette Cancer Centre, Toronto
    Phone: 416-480-4951
    Fax: 416-480-6002
  • Dr. Abdollah Behzadi
    Peel Regional Cancer Centre
    Phone: 905-813-1100 Ext. 1841
    Fax: 905-813—4024
  • Dr. Penny Bradbury
    Queen’s University
    Phone: 613-533-6430
    Fax: 613-533-2941
  • Dr. Adrien Chan
    Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
    Phone: 807-684-7204
    Fax: 807-684-5806
  • Dr. Susanna Cheng
    Odette Cancer Centre, Toronto
    Phone: 416-480-4928
    Fax: 416-217-1338
  • Dr. Medhat El-Mallah
    Lakeridge Health Corp Oshawa Division
    Phone: (905) 576-8711 Ext. 4595
    Fax: (905) 721-6101
  • Dr. Conrad Falkson
    Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, Kingston General Hospital
    Phone: 613-544-2631 x 4509
    Fax: 613-546-8201
  • Dr. Ron Feld
    Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto
    Phone: 416-946-2260
    Fax: 416-946-6546
  • Dr. John Goffin
    Juravinski Cancer Centre, Hamilton
    Phone: 905-387-9495 x64603
    Fax: 905-575-6326
  • Dr. Glenn Goss
    The Ottawa HospitalRegional Cancer Centre
    Phone: 613-737-7700 x70166
    Fax: 613-247-3511
  • Dr. Richard Gregg
    Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, Kingston General Hospital
    Phone: 613-544-2631 x4502
    Fax: 613-544-9708
  • Dr. Don Jones
    Peel Region Cancer Centre
    Phone: 905-813-1100 Ext 5070
    Fax: 905-813-4024
  • Dr. Jaro Kotalik
    Centre for Health Care Ethics at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay
    Phone: 807-343-8126
    Fax: 807-345-1808
  • Dr. Swati Kulkarni
    Windsor Regional Cancer Centre
    Phone: 519-253-3191 x58000
    Fax: 519-253-4204
  • Dr. Sara Kuruvilla
    London Regional Cancer Program
    Phone: 519-685-8640
    Fax: 519-685-8624
  • Dr. Scott Laurie
    The Ottawa HospitalRegional Cancer Centre
    Phone: 613-737-7700 x56792
    Fax: 613-247-3511
  • Dr. Natasha Leighl
    Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto
    Phone: 416-946-4645
    Fax: 416-946-6546
  • Dr. Richard Malthaner
    London Health Sciences Centre
    Phone: 519-667-6835
    Fax: 519-667-6517
  • Dr. Robert MacRae
    The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre
    Phone: 613-737-7700 Ext. 70206
    Fax: 613-247-3511
  • Dr. Donna Maziak
    The Ottawa Hospital - General Campus
    Phone: 613-737-8899 x74035
    Fax: 613-737-8668
  • Dr. Andrew Pearce
    Sudbury Regional Hospital
    Phone: 705-522-6237 Ext. 2449
    Fax: 705-523-7323
  • Dr. Kevin Ramchandar
    TBRHSC Regional Cancer Care
    Phone: 807-684-7200
  • Dr. Andrew Robinson
    Sudbury Regional Hospital
    Phone: 705-523-7328
  • Dr. Alex Sun
    Princess Margaret Hospital
    Phone: 416-946-2126
    Fax: 416-946-6561
  • Dr. Anand Swaminath
    Juravinski Cancer Centre, Hamilton
    Phone: 905-387-9495 ext 64704
    Fax: 905-575-6326
  • Dr. Mojgan Taremi
    Southlake Regional Health Centre
    Phone: 905-595-4521
  • Dr. Julius Toth
    York Thoracic Surgery
    Phone: 905-853-5864
    Fax: 905-853-5865
  • Dr. Emily Vella
    Program in Evidence-Based Care, McMaster University
    Phone: 905-527-4322, x42846
    Fax: 905-526-6775
  • Dr. Mark Vincent
    London Regional Cancer Centre
    Phone: 519-685-8600 x53346Fax: 519-685-8624
  • Dr. Kazuhiro Yasufuku
    Division of Thoracic Surgery, Toronto General Hospital
    University Health Network
    Phone: 416-340-4290
    Fax:  416-340-3660
  • Dr. Edward Yu
    London Regional Cancer Program
    Phone: 519-685-8650 x53324
    Fax: 519-685-8627
  • Dr. Rob Zeldin
    Toronto East General Hospital
    Phone: 416-461-0109
    Fax: 416-469-7714

Past Members

The PEBC would like to acknowledge the contributions of past members who have completed their term with the Lung Cancer DSG:


Dr. Y. Alam
Ms S. Baker
Dr. A. Bezjak
Ms. G. I. Bradish
Dr. N. Califaretti
Dr. B. Campling
Dr. D. Chamberlain
Ms. H. Connell
Dr. B. Dingle
Dr. A. R. Dar
Dr. G. Darling
Dr. C. DeMetz
Dr. E. Donoghue
Dr. W.K. Evans
Dr. B. Findlay
Dr. I. Graham
Dr. S. Hubay
Ms. P. Horner
Ms. V. Fiset
Dr. N. Iscoe
Ms. C. Kiteley
Dr. W. Kocha
Dr. A. Kolin
Dr. A. Laupacis
Dr. C. Lochrin
Dr. D. Logan
Dr. P. Lopez
Dr. R. MacRae
Dr. L. Martelli-Reid
Dr. A. McIvor
Dr. J. Meng
Dr. J. Miller
Dr. Jonathan Noble
Dr. G. Okawara
Dr. L. Paszat
Dr. Panjwani
Dr. K. Reid
Dr. J. Rusthoven
Dr. S. Sellick
Dr. F. Shepherd
Dr. D. Stewart
Dr. R. Sur
Dr. J. Urschel
Dr. David Walde
Dr. G. Wenckebach
Dr. S. Yoshida

Faculty Resource

Dr. M. Brundage

Research Coordinators

Ms. L. Baig
Ms. N. Coakley
Ms. B. Markman
Ms. A. Eady
Ms. A. Gagliardi
Mr. A. Haynes
Ms. C. Lacchetti
Ms. N. Lloyd (Aug 04: formerly Ms. N. Laetsch)
Ms. J. MacKay
Ms. B. Markman
Ms. T. Newman
Mr. C Smith
Ms. B. Stephenson
Ms. D. Stys-Norman
Ms. J. Vanderveen
Ms. T. Waldron

Program in Evidence-Based Care (PEBC)
McMaster University, Juravinski Site
G Wing, 2nd Floor
711 Concession Street
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L8V 1C3

Phone: 905.527.4322 ext. 42822
Fax: 905.526.6775
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