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Breast Cancer Disease Site Group

The following list provides contact information for the current members of the Breast Cancer Disease Site Group (Breast Cancer DSG):

Past Members

The PEBC would like to acknowledge the contributions of past members who have completed their term with the Breast Cancer DSG:


Dr. V. Benk
Dr. J. Bowen
Dr. B. Carter
Dr. R. M. Crump
Ms. C. DeGasse
Dr. C. de Metz
Dr. D. Dhaliwal
Dr. P. Dixon
Ms. M.S. Douglas
Dr. S. Fine
Dr. D. Ginsburg
Dr. I. Graham
Dr. W. Hanna
Dr. E. Holowaty
Dr. B. Lada
Dr. E. Laukkanen
Dr. M. Levine
Dr. D. Mirsky 
Dr. R. Myers
Dr. S.E. O'Brien
Dr. F. O'Malley 
Dr. K. Pritchard
Dr. C. Sawka
Ms. M. Schneider
Dr. W. Shelley
Dr. E. Tomiak
Dr. K. Vallis
Dr. D. Warr
Dr. T. Whelan

Research Coordinators

Ms. M. Johnston
Mr. H. Messersmith
Mr. T. Oliver
Dr. P. Robinson
Ms. S. Sinclair
Mr. J. Franek 
Ms  C. Walker-Dilks

Program in Evidence-Based Care (PEBC)
McMaster University, Juravinski Site
G Wing, 2nd Floor
711 Concession Street
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L8V 1C3

Phone: 905.527.4322 ext. 42822
Fax: 905.526.6775
Last modified: Thu, Jan 23, 2014
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