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Sustain: What to Do and How

What does sustain mean with respect to the PFAC?

doctor speaking with happy older couple
  • Reflecting on all aspects: personal reflections, evaluation, feedback, lessons learned
  • Reporting on progress
  • Reward/recognition
  • Mentorship (patients and staff re: presenting/engaging)
  • Integration of council members with appropriate committees and other staff members
  • Dissemination of progress/benefits to organization

To-Do List

Task  Description 
Create an evaluation plan
  • identify opportunities for organizational staff and council members to provide regular feedback, evaluation, reflections, lessons learned
  • include reporting requirements
  • applicable resources and dates
Create a recognition plan
  • identify ways to recognize efforts of organizational staff and council members, and planned opportunities to do so
  • applicable resources and dates
Create a mentorship plan
  • organizational staff and council members
  • applicable resources and dates
Identify process for council members to participate on organizational committees (if applicable)
  • understand what information would help members make their decision on whether they can commit to another working group

Samples/Templates/References (Multimedia)

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