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Recruit: What to Do and How

What needs to be considered for recruiting members to the PFAC?

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  • The optimal size and make-up of the council
  • The pool of potential council members available
  • Health status of potential council members (expected to be able to participate fully?)
  • Geographical location of potential council members
  • Policy on mandatory attendance requirements re: training and council meetings
  • Membership profile (patients/staff, relevant health conditions/experience, gender preferences, other)
  • How potential council members will be made aware of the PFAC and the role of council members, how they can apply to the position and how they will be contacted for further discussion or interviews (recruitment)
  • Screening approach and council member selection process
  • Remuneration and expense reimbursement policies

To-Do List

 Task Description 
Determine desired size & make-up of council  Total number, ratio of staff and patients/family members
Consider: manageability and council objectives
Establish attendance, remuneration and expense reimbursement policies Consider: attendance required for all meetings and/or training sessions?
Create role description  Organizational overview, role description and expectations as they relate to council objectives, membership term length, remuneration and expense reimbursement policy, frequency/location of council meetings or training, qualifications, steps to apply
Create application for council member role Contact information, demographics, cancer experience/health condition, previous committee experience, thoughts about the PFAC, self-evaluation
in relation to role description/expectations
Identify methods of recruitment Connecting with patients/family to provide information about the council and its membership i.e. through clinicians, email/mail, posters, contacting support groups, etc
Identify screening and selection criteria for council members

 Samples/Templates/References (Multimedia)

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