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Plan: What to Do and How

What needs to be planned for the creation of a PFAC?

Pre-PFAC Creation:

father and son talking
  • Needs assessment and agreement to explore creation of PFAC
  • Visioning exercise
  • PFAC Initiation Kick-off – official acknowledgement of team members/stakeholders and their roles, sharing vision document, next steps
  • Activities required to: obtain buy-in, allocate resources, recruit council members, prepare for orientation and hosting council meetings, coordinate regular status meetings, create cost projections and raise/allocate funds

Post-PFAC Creation:

  • Sustainability: making arrangements for reflections and lessons learned conversations

To-Do List

 Task Description 
Identify resources to coordinate and facilitate needs assessment/visioning discussions Document and distribute output for sign-off by all appropriate parties
Identify resource to manage project plan Create and track project plan to manage tasks and important dates/milestones
Identify detailed project activities Brainstorm tasks associated with major activities/ milestones, assign resources and target dates, meeting funding requirements
Create detailed budget  

Samples/Templates/References (Multimedia)

To review a sample budget, please see the Patient and Family Advisory Council – Getting Started Tool Kit, available online at:

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