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Logistics: What to Do and How

What are the logistics involved in creating a PFAC?

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  • Accessibility to/from all meetings, breaks required during
  • Amount of travel involved for council members
  • Accommodation and/or parking required
  • Meals required to be served, depending on time of day of meetings – consideration for patient preferences and nutritional limitations
  • Expense reimbursement needed, and which the organization is willing to support
  • Detailed directions provided to council members
  • Rooms required and available for booking re: training and council meetings
  • Technology required to support each meeting, i.e. OTN, teleconference, Powerpoint, Internet access, audio/video
  • Advance notice required for all bookings listed above
  • Materials required for each meeting, i.e. handouts, nametags
  • Organization’s budget recommendations/constraints are for all of the above, and all other aspects of creating and maintaining the council

To-Do List

 Task Description 
Evaluate proposed meeting locations for accessibility and appropriateness of facilities
  • by car/transit
  • wheelchair-accessible
  • sufficient male/female washrooms
  • etc.
Assess travel distances to/from training and council meetings Identify:
  • optimal location for training/meetings
  • accommodation/booking requirements
  • parking availability/validation
Assess meeting times and quantity required re: meals Ensure council member preferences and nutritional limitations are identified and considered, ordering requirements
Follow up with organization’s expense department to identify parameters Including:
  • travel expenses
  • accommodation, meals/catering
  • technology requirements for council members
  • materials for meetings
  • process to submit claims for reimbursement
  • organization’s preferred vendors
Identify technology requirements for meetings and follow up with associated departments Schedule all necessities and practice walkthroughs if unfamiliar with technology, obtain appropriate permission for any audio/video-recording
Identify and acquire all materials required for training/meetings
  • handouts
  • pens/paper
  • nametags
  • tissue
  • flip charts/white boards
  • markers, masking tape
  • computer/monitor
  • microphones
  • other
Track all incoming/outgoing funds in detailed budget

Samples/Templates/References (Multimedia)

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