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Facilitate: What to Do and How

What needs to be facilitated on the PFAC, and how?

nurse comforting elderly woman in hospital bed
  • Orientation & Skill Building
  • Meeting agendas – content and timing
  •  Minutes and follow-up
  • The establishment of and relationship with a patient/family co-chair (if applicable)
  • Guests to the council, and their interactions with council members
  • Multiple perspectives at the table
  • Shared information, knowledge and experience (patients and staff)
  • Emotionally strong exchanges
  • By-products of council meetings, i.e. patient/family support

To-Do List

  Task Description 
Implement training/preparation strategy (reference section: form)
  • including support for effective communication and ‘telling your story with impact’
Distribute preparation packages to guests and presenting staff
  • include briefing note template
Receive and review briefing notes from presenting staff or council members
  • ensure information is expressed in plain language, expectations for council feedback and follow-up reporting is clearly stated
Create and distribute agendas prior to each council meeting
  • minimum 2 weeks in advance to allow for questions/ modifications
  • include briefing notes prepared by presenting staff or council members
  • include minutes from previous meeting
Decide on responsibilities of Chair in meetings, and provide appropriate support
  • mentorship for Chair, opportunities for organizational staff and council members to provide feedback
Decide on Co-Chair nomination and selection process, present to council
Assign organizational staff resources to minute-taking and time-keeping activities
  • including subsequent distribution and response to related inquiries
Discuss possibilities of and approaches towards emotionally strong exchanges
  • ways to recognize them, acknowledge and steps to manage them during meetings
Acknowledge by-products of council meetings, i.e., patient/family support
  • discuss with the council what role they’d like this by-product to play in council meetings, and to what extent this role can be supported by the council and its members

Samples/Templates/References (Multimedia)

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