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Contemplate: What to Do and How

What needs to be contemplated when creating a PFAC?

doctor listening to patient
  • Whether an organization needs a PFAC
  • Whether an organization wants a PFAC
  • Whether an organization is ready for a PFAC
  • What kind of PFAC the organization can afford

After the PFAC has been established for a while:

  • Whether it’s working
  • Whether the organization wants to continue with a PFAC, or evolve into something different
  • Whether the PFAC is financially sustainable or requires associated changes

To-Do List



Identify appropriate individuals to engage in organizational readiness discussions Discussions about the organization’s need for and desire to create a PFAC
Engage in visioning exercises Establish: vision, mission statement, guiding principles, values, goals, action plan/objectives. This exercise will help provide clarity around what the PFAC will achieve and the focus required to accomplish these goals (also referred to as ‘Terms of Reference’)
Identify high-level budget expectations Based on expected contributions from new and existing staff members, available funds for creating a PFAC, other anticipated resources required (materials/rooms, training), expenses

Samples/Templates/References (Multimedia)

AIDS Alliance. “Getting it Right: A self assessment tool for consumer advisory boards.”  Available from:

Institute for Patient & Family Centred Care
“Hospital Self-Assessment” Available from:

“Checklist for Attitudes About Patients and Families as Advisors” Available from:

Link up with others starting their own PFAC by joining the PFAC network for free

Last modified: Thu, Dec 27, 2012
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