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Drug Information for Patients

New Drug Formulary beta

Cancer Care Ontario is redesigning and improving the Drug Formulary. Click here to use the new Drug Formulary beta and provide feedback on your experience.

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French drug information for patients

CCO provides Drug Information Sheets, Symptom Management Information Sheets as well as Chemotherapy Regimen (selected breast and lung only – in development) information for patients, their families and caregivers, to help them become informed and active participants in their own care.

These information sheets are intended as supplemental material, and are not to be used in place of advice from your physician and other healthcare providers. You should always discuss your care first with your physician. Some of the information in these documents may not apply to all patients or may be relevant only under certain circumstances, since cancer treatments are often very individualized.

The search results display limited information. Please refer to the actual document for detailed information related to your search.

The information on these pages is maintained by the CCO Drug Formulary Team. The documents provide general information about your treatment. They do not replace the advice of your healthcare professional. Always discuss your treatment with your health care team. Any use of the information provided herein is subject, at all times, to CCO’s Terms and Conditions .

Last modified: Wed, Oct 05, 2016
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