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CBCRP Reimbursement Process

Instructions for hospital pharmacies

Reimbursement policies will be consistent with the New Drug Funding Program. However at this time treatment data cannot be submitted via eClaims. Instead, facilities are asked to manually submit claims using the CBCRP Treatment Data Template below. Claims should be submitted according to the current New Drug Funding Submission Schedule that is available on the eClaims Resource Library.

To submit a claim

  1. Download and complete the CBCRP Treatment Data Template
  2. Submit the form using CCO’s secure upload tool

How to upload documents on CCO’s secure upload tool

  1. Enter the Access Code and click Next (If you do not have an Access Code, email to request one)
  2. STEP 1: Select “Case-by-Case Review Program”
  3. STEP 2: Select “Treatment Data”
  4. STEP 3: Browse to select a file you wish to upload. To upload more than one file, click “Add” to browse for additional files. Once you have completed browsing and selecting all files, click the “Upload Files” button.

The confirmation page will display your “Tracking Number”. Print the confirmation page or write down the tracking number. 


Having technical difficulties? Call the CCO Service Desk at 1-866-729-9787 for technical support.

Instructions for community pharmacies

Cancer drugs for outpatient, community use (e.g., oral drugs) are funded under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program (ODB) and the Trillium Drug Program. Physicians are instructed to give their patients a copy of the CBCRP approval letter to take to the pharmacy when they have their prescription filled. 

Pharmacies should process this claim through the Health Network System (HNS) as per the applicable sections of the Ontario Drug Benefit Formulary and the Ontario Drug Benefit Act .


Direct any reimbursement or Health Network System (HNS) adjudication questions related to CBCRP to the ODB helpdesk.

Direct program or policy enquiries to CCO at .

Last modified: Thu, Aug 11, 2016
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