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Case-by-Case Review Program

The Case-by-Case Review Program (CBCRP) considers funding requests for oral and injectable cancer drugs for cancer patients who have rare clinical circumstances that are immediately life threatening, and who require treatment with an unfunded drug because there is no other satisfactory and funded treatment. 

Eligible Patients

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This program is intended for cancer patients who have life-threatening circumstances (i.e., death is likely to occur within a matter of months) who do not have satisfactory alternative, publicly funded treatment options.

To receive drug coverage under CBCRP, patients must be residents of Ontario and have a valid Ontario Health Card. Patients who will obtain their cancer drugs from retail pharmacies must be eligible for benefits under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program and/or the Trillium Drug Program.

Eligible Drugs

CBCRP makes patient-specific rather than drug-specific funding decisions. Oncologists can apply for any cancer drug that is currently unfunded in Ontario if their patient case meets the CBCRP eligibility criteria specified in the Case-by-Case Review Policy for Cancer Drugs.  

CBCRP will accept requests for cancer drugs administered in hospitals (e.g., intravenous drugs) or for out-patient, community use (e.g., oral drugs). In cases where CBCRP drug coverage is required to provide continued treatment that was previously supplied through a clinical trial, or paid for by other means (such as a third party payer), the CBCRP eligibility criteria must still be met. 

Note: The CBCRP is not intended to provide provisional funding of a regimen in advance of a formal evaluation through the regular review mechanism. Drugs that are pending review or have been reviewed and rejected are not eligible for CBCRP funding.

View the status of some drug submissions at: 

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Last modified: Tue, Aug 23, 2016
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