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Colorectal Cancer Resources for Surgical Oncology

As part of a multifaceted knowledge translation strategy, the Community of Practice for Colorectal Cancer (CRC) is composed of regional physician champions (surgery and pathology) from each Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) across Ontario. Valuable guidance from the champions has informed planning for effective next steps, including future knowledge transfer activities.   

These resources may help CRC champions or those who are involved in the care of CRC patients.

Standardized Tools

Surgeons, radiologists and pathologists can use these valid and reliable report templates and accompanying educational materials to improve consistency of imaging and specimen reporting across the province.    

Radiology: Synoptic MRI Report for Rectal Cancer

Download the synoptic MRI report template and additional educational materials to implement at your institution.

The template is to be used by oncology specialists to assist with neoadjuvant chemo radiation decisions, and preoperative planning for patients with adenocarcinoma of the rectum (who are being considered for total mesorectal excision with or without abdominal perineal resection).

It is also a useful communication tool to inform treatment and prognostic discussions at multidisciplinary cancer conferences. Accompanying support material provides the description of terms, evidence basis, and limitations.

  • 2011 Radiology Rectal Cancer Webinar presentation by Dr. Gina Brown. ( 1hr 54min)

    • Introduction (00:00 – 05:00)
    • Case Review #1 (05:01-27:20)
    • Case Review #2 (27:30-48:30)
    • Case Review # 3 (48:35 – 01:01:35)
    • Case Review # 4 (01:01:49 – 1:18:16)
    • Case Review # 5 (1:18:20 – 1:25:28)
    • Q&A Discussion (1:25 – 1:51:53)

Pathology: Colorectal Cancer Gross Examination Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Download the Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Gross Examination SOP template and additional educational materials for the Quirke pathology method to implement at your institution.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

These guidelines examine evidence and provide recommendations on specific topics related to optimal surgical treatment for people affected by colorectal cancer in Ontario.


To date, the CRC champions have been involved in multiple collaborative meetings, essential in moving quality improvement forward.   

Role of Champions

Sign up for the CRC Champion Newsletter: Email

What is the role of the CRC champion? This tool, created with the help of the CRC champions, provides clarity and guidance.

Educational Tools

Physicians can use these tools to improve their knowledge of colorectal cancer management and champions can use them to engage colleagues. 

Educational presentations on the Margin & Lymph Node Guideline

Download these presentations to use at regional educational rounds or meetings.

Colorectal Cancer List Serv Discussion Summary

Help facilitate education on quality issues related to the guideline, Optimization of Surgical and Pathological Quality Performance in Radical Surgery for Colon and Rectal Cancer: Margins and Lymph Nodes

Download these discussion summaries:

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