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Program Report - ColonCancerCheck
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Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men after lung cancer and the third leading cause of cancer deaths in women after lung and breast cancers. ColonCancerCheck aims to reduce deaths from colorectal cancer.   

Our 2010 program report gives a picture of the program and its impact on the more than 3 million Ontarians who were in the target age group for colorectal cancer screening in 2010.

Corresponding tables

The following tables correspond with figures in the ColonCancerCheck 2010 Program Report, and include additional sex-specific information and confidence intervals. Table names have been modified where appropriate.

Figure 2:Deaths and new cases, common cancers, Ontario, 2010Figure 3:CRC mortality rates by province and sex, 2010
Figure 4:CRC incidence and mortality, Ontario, 1981–2010Figure 5:CRC incidence rates, Ontario, 2004-2008
Figure 6:Stage at diagnosis for CRC, Ontario, 2010Figure 7:FOBT participation by age and sex
Figure 8:FOBT participation by LHINFigure 9:Up-to-date with colorectal tests by age and sex
Figure 10:Up-to-date with colorectal tests by LHINFigure 11:Up-to-date with colorectal tests by income quintile
Figure 12:Abnormal FOBT result by age and sexFigure 13:Abnormal FOBT result by LHIN
Figure 14:Abnormal FOBT result by income quintileFigure 15:Positive predictive value by age and sex
Figure 16:Positive predictive value by LHINFigure 17:Positive predictive value by income quintile
Figure 18:Follow-up colonoscopy by age and sexFigure 19:Follow-up colonoscopy by LHIN
Figure 20:CRC detection, FOBT, by ageFigure 21:CRC detection, FOBT, by LHIN
Figure 22:CRC detection, FOBT, by income quintileFigure 23:CRC detection, colonoscopy, family history CRC, by age
Figure 24:CRC detection, colonoscopy, family history CRC, by LHINFigure 25:CRC detection, colonoscopy, family history CRC, by income quintile
Figure 26:Interval CRC cancer by age and sex

Supplementary tables

The following tables supplement figures in the ColonCancerCheck 2010 Program Report with additional sex-specific information.

Figure 8.1:FOBT participation by sexFigure 11.1Up-to-date with colorectal tests by sex
Figure 14.1:Abnormal FOBT result by sexFigure 17.1:Positive predictive value by sex
Figure 19.1:Follow-up colonoscopy by sexFigure 22.1:CRC detection, FOBT, by sex
Figure 25.1:CRC detection, colonoscopy, family history CRC, by sexFigure 26.1:Interval CRC cancer by sex

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