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Pharmacists have an important role in helping more Ontarians who do not have a family physician access screening for colorectal cancer.

  • Testing: Dispensing the program branded FOBT kits to eligible unattached participants
  • Talk about it: Providing information about the importance of screening for colorectal cancer
  • Patient support: Supporting the increase of screening through the program. ColonCancerCheck provides you with information on where to refer individuals not eligible for FOBT kits at a pharmacy.
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How to Get More ColonCancerCheck FOBT Kits

Community pharmacies can order additional ColonCancerCheck FOBT kits from the community laboratories. The process for ordering the kits is the same as ordering other supplies from your community laboratory, except that ColonCancerCheck FOBT kits are not available at community laboratory specimen collection centres.

For answers to questions about how to order FOBT kits, view:

Dispensing FOBT Kits

To be eligible to receive an FOBT kit from a pharmacy, an individual must meet all of the following criteria:
  • Ontarians 50 years of age and over with a valid Ontario Health Card
  • Those without a primary care provider (unattached)
  • Those at average risk of developing colorectal cancer, i.e. no family historymember (parent sibling, child) diagnosed with colorectal cancer
  • Those who have not had a colonoscopy within the past 10 years
  • Those who have not completed an FOBT in the past two years
For tips on dispensing FOBT kits and questions to ask your patient to determine who is, or who is not eligible to receive an FOBT kit at a pharmacy, view the FAQs for Pharmacists.

Unattached individuals are required to present their Health Card at a pharmacy to obtain an FOBT requisition form at the pharmacy. The FOBT requisition form includes eligibility criteria and must be completed to receive the FOBT kit.

ColonCancerCheck will notify all unattached participants of their FOBT results and will refer participants with a positive FOBT to a primary care provider for follow-up care.

Increased Risk

Ontarians at increased risk, which means those with a first degree family member (parent, child or sibling) who have had colorectal cancer, should contact ColonCancerCheck at 1-866-662-9233 for referral to a primary care provider who can provide a referral for a colonoscopy. 


Pharmacists can submit a $7.00 claim for distributing an FOBT kit to eligible Ontarians. Claims for distributing FOBT kits will be submitted through the Health Network System (HNS) using the existing Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) claims submission process. For more information refer to the FAQs for Pharmacists.

Note: Participants who don’t have a primary care provider can also obtain a FOBT kit through Telehealth Ontario.

Last modified: Tue, Jun 09, 2015
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