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Colonoscopy Process Improvement Toolkit

Purpose of this toolkit

To help hospitals identify opportunities to improve efficiency in their endoscopy suites

Six tools for a more efficient endoscopy suite

Endoscopy teams can use these tools to assess, analyze and improve the way they manage the colonoscopy process, from booking to discharge.

  1. Develop a process map to document your current processes and reveal opportunities for improvement
  2. Collect scheduling data spreadsheets and submit to CCO for analysis to find out whether your scheduling practices are making the best use of available endoscopy time
  3. Record the information collected from patients on the data entry tracking form to identify redundant data collection processes
  4. Organize and track your ideas for improvement in the recommendations summary
  5. Check the comparator hospital list to find similar hospitals with which to share information and best practices
  6. Complete the simulation model spreadsheets and submit to CCO for analysis to test different scheduling methods and see how they could affect the capacity of your endoscopy suite

Download the toolkit

Download the complete toolkit in three parts, or select just the sections you need. The templates can be adapted to suit your individual needs.

Complete Toolkit in 3 parts

Toolkit by section

Tool 1:
Tool 2:
Tool 3:
Tool 4:
Tool 5:
Tool 6:

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