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Patient and Family Engagement
PFAC Members

Joanne M., PFAC member, Lillian C., Patient and Family Advisor, Patricia P., PFAC member

The insights provided through our partnership with patients and families inform and inspire us, strengthening our efforts to keep improving the cancer system for patients and families just like you.

Our Patient and Family Advisors enable us to bring the patient and caregiver voice into the work that we do, increasing its meaningfulness.By sharing unique perspectives, Patient and Family Advisors deepen our understanding of patient and caregiver experiences and needs across Ontario’s healthcare system.

Find out how to get involved: Patient and Family Advisor Volunteer Opportunities.

Patient and Family Advisors: Who Are They?

“In a busy work day filled with opinions from hospital executives, government officials, healthcare staff and physicians, the patient and family advisors provide us with a sober second thought – so we can get it right the first time.”– Garth Matheson, VP, Planning and Regional Programs, Cancer Care Ontario

Our community of Patient and Family Advisors is a dynamic group of individuals who have a range of experiences in Ontario’s cancer system as patients, family members and caregivers.

They bring a positive attitude to their contributions, listening to others’ perspectives and participating in areas of work based on their interests.

Patient and Family Advisors partner with Cancer Care Ontario staff to provide direct input into policies, programs and practices that affect patient care and services. They provide a valuable contribution to our programs and initiatives through membership on provincial program committees, working groups and project teams that span care provided across the province.

Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) 

Our PFAC is made up of 28 Patient and Family Advisors who have made a 3-year commitment to providing Cancer Care Ontario with partnership and advice relevant to and based on patient, family member and caregiver experience.

We aim to have 2 members from each Ontario region to ensure representation from across the province.

Based on its members' experience in Ontario’s healthcare system, our PFAC advises on the direction and content of current and future strategies and system-level initiatives that directly impact Ontarians.

Last modified: Fri, May 01, 2015
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