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iPEHOC Toolkit

This toolkit was developed to support the six pilot sites across Ontario and Quebec that are implementing the Improving Patient Experience and Health Outcomes Collaborative (iPEHOC) project.
The ultimate goal of the project is to develop a common and sustainable patient-reported outcome (PRO) and patient experience measurement system that is applicable to all jurisdictions in Canada. The primary aim of this project is to reduce symptom burden and improve patient experience of care by engaging clinicians in the meaningful use of Patient-Reported Outcome data in routine clinical care.

iPEHOC Project Documents

Asset Description Download

iPEHOC Project Summary

Overview of the iPEHOC project

iPEHOC Project Summary (PDF)

Governance Structure

iPEHOC project Governance

iPEHOC Governance (PPTX)

Key Messages

High level overview of the iPEHOC project

iPEHOC Key Messages Slide Deck - Nov 2015 (PPTX)

Implementation Checklist

Implementation Checklist

iPEHOC Implementation Checklist (DOCX)

Change Plans & Clinic Flows

Sites clinic flow documents

iPEHOC Site Change Plan and Clinic Flow - JCC (PPTX)

Symptom Assess Process Flow August 2015 (PDF)

JGH clinic flow August 2015 (PDF)

MUHC clinic flow August 2015 (PDF)

SMH clinic flow August 2015 (PDF)

iPEHOC PROs Completion Clinic Flow (NECC) - September 2015 (PDF)

Change-Management-Plan Princess Margaret (PDF)

iPEHOC Site Change Plan and Clinic Flow - PMH (PPTX)

Information Technology

Data dictionary, UAT template for testing with patients, and the ISAAC iPEHOC user guide

Data Dictionary
iPEHOC Data Elements (PDF)

UAT with patients - template
UAT Testing_iPEHOC_DART_2015 (DOCX)

UAT Testing_iPEHOC_ISAAC_2015 (DOCX)

User Guide
ISAAC iPEHOC User Guide 2015-09-02 (DOCX)

Clinician Education Materials

Asset Description Download

Patient Reported Outcome Education Modules - Slides with audio and video

Inter-professional education sessions including a complex cluster case review, and targeted sessions for anxiety & depression, pain, and fatigue

iPEHOC - Patient Reported Outcomes Anxiety/Depression Module (DART)

iPEHOC - Patient Reported Outcomes Anxiety/Depression Module (ISAAC)

iPEHOC Global Module

iPEHOC Fatigue Module

iPEHOC Pain Module

Anxiety Depression Webcast Nov 11 2015

Anxiety and Depression PROs in the Clinical Encounter Webinar by Madeline Li to enhance knowledge of how to integrate PHQ-9 and GAD-7 scores in managing emotional distress with Q&A.

Anxiety Depression Webcast

CAPO Algorithms

Algorithms for Anxiety and Depression, pain, and fatigue

Algorithm-for-Screening-and-Assessment-for-fatigue (PDF)

Algorithms-for-Cancer-Related-Distress-Depression-and-Global-Anxiety (PDF)

Pain (Algorithm) (PDF)

Output Guide PowerPoint

Detailed navigation of the symptom report

iPEHOC Printout Output Guide (PPTX)

CPAC PRO’s Videos

Introduction to PROs for clinicians and patients


PROM Frequency and Cut Off Scores

Logic for triggering each PROM (PHQ-9, GAD-7, BPI, CFS)

PROMs Frequency and Cut-Offs (PPTX)

iPEHOC Measures Inventory

Brief description of all iPEHOC measures

iPEHOC Measures Inventory (PDF)


Articles for review

BPI_UserGuide (PDF)

1-s2 0-S0885392401003050-main (PDF)

301.full (PDF)

Comparison of Fatigue Scales (PDF)

Validity of Cancer-Related Fatigue Instruments (PDF)

ESAS Cut-Offs
Bagha 2012 (PDF)

ESAS cut points (PDF)

Spitzer 2006 - GAD-7 Validation (PDF)

PHQ-9 Instruction Manual (PDF)

Thekkumpurath 2011 - Screening for Major Depression in Cancer Outpatients (PDF)

Vodermaier 2009 - Screening for Emotional Distress (PDF)

Stakeholder Meeting Videos

Presentations on symptom management and screening from clinician perspective and patient perspective 

PROMs in Practice: Anxiety and Depression

A Patient’s Perspective: My Message to Clinicians

Dispelling Myths About Cancer-Related Fatigue

PRO Education Videos (full)

Case examples for using PROs in routine care

iPEHOC Anxiety Case Scenario

iPEHOC Cluster Case Scenario

iPEHOC Fatigue Case Scenario

iPEHOC Pain Case Scenario

Brief Action Planning

Materials for using PROs in routine care for patient activation 

10-BAP_guide_2014-03-01 (PDF)

BAP_flow_Chart_2014-03-01 (PDF)


KTE framework and evaluation

kte_planning_guide_2006-1 (PDF)

Melanie Barwick KTE (DOCX)

Standard KTE Survey_for partners (Oct 2014) (DOCX)

Patient Education Materials

Asset Description Download

iPEHOC Pamphlet

Brief description of PROs and the symptom report for patients

iPEHOC Patient Newsletter (English & French) 08Oct2015 (PDF)

iPEHOC_EN2-FR2_Pamphlet (DOCX)

iPEHOC_FR_Pamphlet (DOCX)

Patient SMG

Patient Symptom Management Guides for pain and fatigue

CCO DRAFT Patient Mgmt Guide PAIN (PDF)

CCO Patient Symptom Mgmt Guides FATIGUE (PDF)

Patient Post Card

Post cards for patients to raise awareness of iPHEOC in your centre

ISAAC Poster HSN - iPEHOC implementation 16Sept2015 (PDF)

Post Card for IPEHOC_Sudbury 15September2015 (PDF)

Post Card for IPEHOC October (DOCX)

Post Card for IPEHOC (DOCX)

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