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Person-Centred Care

Person-Centred Care (PCC) Guideline

Learn about the guideline in a brief introduction video.

Cancer Care Ontario and the Program in Evidence-Based Care (PEBC) have developed a PCC Guideline to set the standard of care that people experiencing cancer (i.e., patients, family members, and carers) in Ontario should expect to receive.

Report on Patient Engagement

See what patient and family engagement looks like and why it is important to Cancer Care Ontario in our new report on patient engagement: Improving Ontario's Health System through Patient and Family Engagement .

Join Our Community of Patient and Family Advisors

We are seeking patients, survivors and caregivers who have experience going through the cancer care system in Ontario to join our community of Patient and Family Advisors.

If you are enthusiastic; willing to share your personal experience and contribute your ideas and perspectives to our work; and passionate about making a difference at the system level, find out about our current patient and family advisor volunteer opportunities.

Person-centred care at Cancer Care Ontario is an approach to care that involves partnering with patients and healthcare providers. Benefits of our person-centred care approach:

Person-Centred Care model

  • Patients have a voice in the design, delivery and evaluation of the care they receive
  • Patients are able to be more active in their care experience, to deliver better outcomes and greater value through wiser use of resources

Person-centred care helps improve the person experience, and patient and provider quality and safety.

Patient Engagement

Patient and family engagement is the cornerstone of a person-centred care approach. It is about building strong, sustainable partnerships between patients, family members, health professionals and community groups to plan, deliver and evaluate health services. 

Patients are at the centre of everything we do. Their voices and experiences must be included and represented in our work and in all parts of the health system for us to achieve our vision and mission .

Patient and Family Advisors Bring Value to Our Work

We include patients and family members in our work through our Patient and Family Advisor Community. Our patient and family advisors:

  • Share personal cancer care experiences across a variety of mediums and forums
  • Vocalize and provide insight into patient interests, needs, and backgrounds beyond their own experience (where possible)
  • Provide input and make recommendations based on their experience of the Ontario cancer system
  • Help us achieve clarity around discussion topics and meeting objectives

Patient and Family Advisory Council Toolkit

Our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) Toolkit is intended for any organization that wishes to engage patients and their families in advisory councils as a means to improve patient experiences with health services. The toolkit is structured around the major themes of creating and maintaining a PFAC.

View the PFAC Toolkit
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