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Cancer Journey

From the onset of symptoms to treatment, each person’s experience with cancer is shaped by a multitude of factors. The course of treatment, for instance, is determined not only by the type and stage of cancer, but also by what treatments and services the physician selects and the patient chooses.


It takes more than one physician or clinic to treat and control cancer; it takes an entire healthcare team that includes family physicians, public health professionals, oncologists, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, spiritual care providers and community volunteers. As cancer patients go through the healthcare system, they also typically require different diagnostic, treatment and supportive care services, often at different facilities.

We strive to constantly improve every aspect of cancer, from prevention through to palliative care. To create a system of cancer control and care that is organized and delivered to respond to the needs of the population and of cancer patients, it is equally critical to ensure that each phase of care works seamlessly together. We are working with its partners and supporting health professionals to improve the way patients transition between services and phases of care.

Last modified: Thu, Aug 22, 2013
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