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North West Regional Cancer Program

Cancer System Map

The North West Regional Cancer Program oversees the quality and delivery of cancer services for the areas reaching from east of White River to the Manitoba border in the west, and from Hudson Bay in the north to the United States border in the south.

More information on how Regional Cancer Programs are structured, as well as information on all 13 regions, is available on the Regional Cancer Program page.

Cancer Statistics

A snapshot of cancer trends in the North West Regional Cancer Program is summarized in the Cancer System Quality Index (CSQI) 2015 report for North West LHIN.

Service Partners

Many hospitals and labs provide screening mammograms through the Ontario Breast Screening Program. To find the screening sites closest to you and find out how to make an appointment, visit Ontario Breast Screening Program Appointment and Locations.

About Regional Cancer Care - Northwest

Regional Cancer Care Northwest is a full-service regional cancer program providing prevention and screening services, diagnostic services, cancer treatment, survivorship services and palliative care services. The regional cancer program serves approximately 250,000 residents of Northwestern Ontario. Established in 1948, the program consists of a Regional Cancer Centre, located at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, 13 Satellite Chemotherapy Clinics in partner hospitals, as well as many other diagnostic service partners throughout LHIN 14. Regional Cancer Care Northwest is a leading champion of telemedicine, enabling patients in our vast region to receive care closer to home.


Dr. Mark Henderson

Dr. Mark Henderson

Regional Vice President, Cancer Care Ontario - Northwest Regional Cancer Program

A highly respected practitioner, mentor and educator, Dr. Mark Henderson was appointed Regional Vice President for Cancer Care Ontario, Northwest Regional Cancer Program on September 1, 2012. Mark is also Executive Vice President of Patient Services, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, and previously was the Medical Director of the Cardiovascular and Stroke Program at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. With 30 years clinical experience, Dr. Henderson is a leading interventional cardiologist who is an associate professor with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and has also served as an associate professor of medicine at U of T and Dalhousie medical schools and held a number of senior leadership positions in cardiac programs including: Director of Coronary Care Unit, Toronto General and Victoria General Hospital (Halifax); Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Royal Columbian Hospital (Vancouver) and Victoria General Hospital (Halifax); and Head, Department of Cardiac Services, at Royal Columbian Hospital (Vancouver).

Mark received his medical training at King’s College Medical School, University of London, U.K. He relocated to Canada in 1977 and continued his studies with the University of Toronto, completing his Internal Medical specialty at Wellesley Hospital, Toronto, in 1979. His Cardiology fellowship was completed at the Toronto General Hospital in 1982. His portfolio includes extensive cardiac research published in leading national and international medical journals.

  • Cancer Surgery
    Dr. Kenneth Gehman
  • Systemic Treatment (Chemotherapy)
    Dr. Nicole Laferriere
  • Radiation Treatment
    Dr. Sunil Gulavita
  • Palliative Care
    Dr. Kathy Simpson
  • Primary Care
    Dr. Nicole Zavagnin
    Dr. Claudette Chase
  • Breast Imaging
    Dr. Don Henderson (Interim)
  • Pathology
  • Cervical Screening/Colposcopy
    Dr. Nicholas Escott
  • Imaging Quality
    Dr. Richard Bitar
  • Aboriginal Cancer
    Dr. Shannon Wesley
  • Colorectal Screening and Endoscopy
    Dr. William Harris
  • Andrea Docherty, Program Director, Regional Cancer Program
  • Dr. Nicole Laferriere, Medical Director, Regional Cancer Program and Chief of Oncology
  • Dr. Kenneth Gehman, Surgical Oncology Lead
  • Cathy Paroschy Harris, Director, Prevention and Screening Services
  • Andrea Docherty, Program Director, Regional Cancer Program
  • Carla Wiersema, Director of Clinical Business Development, TBRRI
  • Carol Brumpton, Patient Family Advisor
  • Cathy Paroschy Harris, Director, Prevention and Screening Services
  • Chris McNaughton, Manger 1A Medicine/Oncology Unit
  • Dr. Claudette Chase, Regional Primary Care Lead
  • Dr. Colleen Valente, Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Dave Welbourne, Pathologist
  • David McConnell, Manager, Radiation Therapy & Surgical Oncology
  • Dr. Nicole Zavagnin, Regional Primary Care Lead
  • Heather Neilson-Clayton, Out Patient Counsellor, Cancer Care - Supportive Care
  • Jeannie Faubert, Patient Family Advisor
  • Jessica Hughes, Interim Clinical Nurse Specialist (for Jacqueline Veneruz)
  • Karen Roberts, Manager of Outpatient Nursing and Clinic Operations
  • Dr. Kathy Simpson, Regional Palliative Care Lead
  • Kelly-Jo Gillis, Manager, Preventive Health Services
  • Dr. Kenneth Gehman, Surgical Oncology Lead
  • Dr. Mark Henderson, RVP, CCO
  • Michele Miller, Acting Director, Diagnostics (for Sam McKnight)
  • Dr. Nicole Laferriere, Systemic Treatment (Chemotherapy) Lead, Medical Director of Regional Cancer Program and Chief of Oncology
  • Pascal Rivest, Decision Support
  • Dr. Peter McGhee, Director, Medical Physics
  • Ron Turner, Director of Surgical and Ambulatory Care Services
  • Dr. Scott Sellick, Director, Supportive Care & Palliative Care and Telemedicine Services
  • Dr. Sunil Gulavita, Radiation Treatment Lead
  • Tarja Heiskanen, Manager, Prevention & Screening Services
  • Trina Diner, Manager, Palliative Care and Telemedicine

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