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Interactive Symptom Assessment and Collection (ISAAC) Tool

Commonly referred to as the Interactive Symptom Assessment and Collection (ISAAC) tool, Your Symptoms Matter allows patients to assess and monitor their symptoms through an online computer program.

Your Symptoms Matter is available at kiosks in 14 regional cancer centres and 28 many partner hospitals across Ontario. More than 27,000 patients are screened every month through the system.

Key Features and Functions of Your Symptoms Matter

  • An accessible, touch-screen-based platform allowing for the completion of patient-reported symptom measurement tools
  • A reporting tool for both patients and clinicians facilitating improved communication by enabling patients to track and report their physical and emotional pain caused by cancer symptoms, across the cancer journey
  • An alert system that notifies appropriate healthcare professionals when symptom scores exceed certain thresholds, indicating a need for clinical intervention
  • The capability to expand functionality by including additional patient-reported outcome measures, which will enable more personalized symptom assessments

How Your Symptoms Matter works

  • Patients rate the severity of their symptoms by entering their individual scores electronically via the touch-screen kiosks at their cancer centres, or from home on their internet-linked computers.
  • The self-assessments entered in Your Symptoms Matter are reviewed by each patient’s care team, who can use the information to manage the patient's symptoms more effectively and efficiently.
  • Three symptom questionnaires are available through ISAAC. For more information, go to Symptom Management Tools.
    • Your Symptoms Matter – General Symptoms uses the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System (ESAS) to address nine common symptoms including pain, nausea and anxiety.
    • Your Symptoms Matter – Prostate Cancer uses the Expanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite (EPIC) to screen early-stage prostate patients for five major domains including: bowel symptoms, sexual function symptoms, urinary irritation symptoms, urinary obstruction symptoms, and hormonal/vitality symptoms.
    • Your Symptoms Matter – Daily Activities uses the Patient-Reported Functional Status (PRFS) tool and asks patients to use a five-point scale to indicate how well they are functioning and their current activity levels.
  • Your Symptoms Matter – General Symptoms and Your Symptoms Matter – Prostate Cancer scores are reported over time, and include scores entered both at the cancer clinic and at home. That means the patient's symptom severity scores are tracked over time and across healthcare settings.
  • Your Symptoms Matter can notify the patient’s care team by email when scores are in the moderate to severe range. This means clinicians can take appropriate steps to help patients manage their symptoms efficiently, including referrals to specialized services (such as dietitians, psychologists, social workers etc.) when needed.
    • Symptom Management Tools (including guides-to-practice, algorithms and mobile phone apps) have been developed to help clinicians assess and appropriately manage a patient’s symptoms.
If you are a patient and are not sure whether your hospital or Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) provides patient access to Your Symptoms Matter, please ask your healthcare provider.
Last modified: Thu, Sep 29, 2016
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