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Pathway Maps

New pathway maps

Endometrial cancer pathway maps for diagnosis, and treatment:

Endometrial Cancer Pathway Maps

Pathways are a quality improvement tool for the Ontario cancer system.

Pathways are flowcharts that show a high-level overview of the care a cancer patient in Ontario should receive. Pathways focus on one type of cancer, during a specific phase of the cancer journey, with the understanding that the patient journey differs from one cancer to another.

Who are the pathways for?

The pathways are intended for cancer system and medical community stakeholders, including healthcare providers and administrators. The pathways may also serve as a resource for individuals who are new to the cancer system, such as medical students.

How are the pathways developed?

The pathways represent evidence-based best practice for the management of Ontario patients during a specific phase of the cancer journey. They are developed based on evidence from local, national and international clinical practice guidelines. If there is not enough scientific evidence, the consensus of leading multidisciplinary experts in Ontario is used.

The process used to develop the pathways is always being improved based on learnings from stakeholders.

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Last modified: Mon, Oct 30, 2017
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