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Cancer System Quality Index

The Cancer System Quality Index tracks Ontario’s progress against cancer and points out where cancer service providers can make quality and performance improvements.

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The CSQI presents a rolling snapshot of activity in 29 evidence-based measures (e.g., smoking rates, colorectal screening rates, cancer surgery wait times, patient satisfaction) from prevention through palliative care.

Safe: Are we enhancing patient and provider safety by avoiding or preventing accidents, adverse events and injuries?

Effective: Are we advancing our ability to provide cancer services based on recommended guidelines?

Accessible: Are enough Ontarians being screened? Are we making headway on wait times? Are patients getting the end-of-life care they need?

Responsive: How do patients rate their experience at Ontario’s cancer centers? Does the cancer system help meet their needs?

Efficient: Are we improving the way the cancer system uses existing resources to achieve the outcomes we want?

Equitable: Is the burden of cancer similar for all Ontarians regardless of their social, economic, cultural, or demographic status?

Integrated: How well are cancer services in Ontario integrated across the healthcare system?

Last modified: Thu, May 27, 2010
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