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Healthy Living Report

Cancer Risk Factors in Ontario: Healthy Weights, Healthy Eating and Active Living is the fourth report in the Cancer Risk Factors in Ontario series. The first report summarized the epidemiologic evidence for a wide range of cancer risk factors, and the second and third reports provided information on the prevalence, distribution and related cancer risk of smoking and of alcohol use in the population. This report provides data related to three major risk modifiers associated with chronic diseases: healthy weights, healthy eating and active living. The information will inform public health and healthcare professionals as well as policy-makers involved in the prevention of chronic disease.

This report includes the following:

  • A discussion of the complex relationship between excess body weight, diet and physical activity
  • Estimates of the cancer burden attributable to excess body weight in Ontario
  • The prevalence and distribution of obesity and overweight adults, some cancer-related aspects of diet and active living in Ontario and their geographic and socio-demographic variation
  • Implications for cancer control

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