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Cancer Risk Factors In Ontario

Ontario Cancer Profiles online tool

Ontario Cancer Profiles allows you to quickly and easily generate regional and provincial statistics on the prevalence of select modifiable risk factors and social determinants of health associated with cancer. It lets you view, compare and produce downloadable statistics that suit your individual needs.

Cancer Risk Factors in Ontario: Evidence Summary reviews the epidemiologic evidence linking a broad range of risk factors to various types of cancer in Ontario. This is a valuable reference and foundation for prevention efforts, especially for planning and reporting on cancer prevention actions.

The user-friendly format addresses risk factors in short chapters with summary tables linking risk factors/exposures and cancers. Shaded boxes in many chapters give definitional and measurement information. Each chapter has an extensive bibliography for further detail on specific cancer-risk factor associations.

The report focuses on the following risk categories: behavioural (tobacco, alcohol, etc.), reproductive and hormonal, environmental (ultraviolet radiation, fine particulate matter, etc.), occupational, infectious, genetic, medical conditions and treatment.

Download the full Risk Factors Report:

Download the individual chapters:

Cancer Risk Factors in Ontario: Evidence Summary follows the publication of our surveillance report, Cancer in Ontario: Overview , which demonstrated the substantial burden of cancer on the health of Ontarians.

Last modified: Thu, Feb 23, 2017
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