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Systemic Treatment CPOE Guidelines

The guidelines are an opportunity to help provide some points you might consider, questions you might ask when selecting a ST CPOE system, based on the experience from people around the world who have published research about what works best.
Jennifer Zelmer
Senior Vice President,
Clinical Adoption and Innovation Canada Health Infoway

CPOE - three doctors viewing computer screen

Why we need ST CPOE Guidelines

Our best practice guideline supports the adoption of Systemic Treatment Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (ST CPOE) systems, which improve the safe delivery of chemotherapy—one of the most complex processes in patient care.

Hear from opinion leaders about our best practice guidelines which support the adoption of Systemic Treatment Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (ST CPOE) systems. These systems improve the safe delivery of chemotherapy -- one of the most complex processes in patient care.

Download the ST CPOE Guidelines

These guidelines are:

Designed to enhance patient safety

Based on clinical best practice

Not vendor specific—can be equally applied to any ST CPOE system

Developed using existing information and technology standards

Inclusive of recommendations for both intravenous and oral chemotherapy

What do the ST CPOE Guidelines mean for healthcare facilities?

  • Guidance on the key features, functionalities and components of a ST CPOE system required to ensure safe, high-quality chemotherapy treatment
  • Evidence-based recommendations for purchasing, designing or evaluating ST CPOE system(s)

How were the guidelines developed?

The production of the guidelines was a collaborative effort between many key stakeholders. We provided joint leadership, along with the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies, which was critical to producing robust and relevant information. Leaders from provincial cancer agencies across Canada participated in a National Consensus Meeting to vet and prioritize the recommendations contained within the guidelines.

Last modified: Fri, Feb 12, 2016
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