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Shared-Care Program: Acute Leukemia Care in the Greater Toronto Area

Historically, the care of adult patients with acute leukemia in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has been highly centralized, with most GTA residents being predominantly treated and continuing follow-up treatment at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. This has resulted in significant resource pressures at Princess Margaret and traveling pressures for patients who do not live near the centre.

In 2011, we created the Acute Leukemia Steering Committee to address Ontario’s ability to meet the demand for leukemia services in the GTA. The result was a recommendations report – Adult Acute Leukemia Services Plan for the Greater Toronto Area. Recommendations included:

  • Ensuring adequate access to, capacity for and sustainability of acute leukemia services throughout the patients’ treatment journey
  • Advancing the quality and safety of leukemia services
  • Coordinating and overseeing acute leukemia services

Full details are available in the recommendations report:

Current Status

The Acute Leukemia Shared-Care Program has been implemented in the GTA. It allows appropriate patients to receive portions of their care at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and at a Partner Cancer Centre closer to home. The Program’s goal is to maintain the provision of high quality care, while reducing the burden on Princess Margaret’s resources and travel pressures experienced by patients and their families.

The Acute Leukemia Shared-Care Program is now available at select centres in the GTA, as part of the approach to provide timely access for adults to high quality, coordinated acute leukemia services as close to home as possible.

Patients are provided with this brochure to introduce them to the Shared-Care Program

Moving forward, we will continue to work with regional partners to expand the numbers of centres providing services through the Acute Leukemia Shared-Care Program. Several performance evaluation strategies will be undertaken to measure access and the coordination of care provided in this Program.

More information is available on Acute Leukemia Care in Ontario.

Last modified: Wed, Aug 02, 2017
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