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Radiation Treatment Program
Radiation therapy is one of the main methods of treating cancer. It uses high-energy radiation to destroy or shrink cancer cells by damaging their DNA.

Our Radiation Treatment Program works to ensure timely access to coordinated, safe, evidence-based, technologically innovative treatment.

Program Goals

  • Ensure all patients across the province receive appropriate and quality radiation treatment based on best available evidence and expert consensus.
  • Ensure radiation treatment is delivered in a way that is safe for patients and staff across the province.
  • Ensure all patients access the radiation system appropriately, and as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
  • Enable patients to receive care in a coordinated way in the right place as close to home as possible.
  • Foster an environment of technical innovation and participation in clinical trials and research.

What does the Radiation Treatment Program do?

  • Sets provincial standards for quality assurance, including radiation incident reporting
  • Evaluates and advise on implementation of new technologies and techniques, such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT).
  • Sets data standards and targets.
  • Works to shorten wait times for radiation treatment.

How we are Improving Access to Radiation Treatment

  • Investments in human resources, capital and infrastructure
  • Ensuring adequate financial support to increase the provincial utilization rate (i.e., proportion of new cancer cases that receive at least one course of radiation over the duration of their illness) over time
  • Advising on the capital equipment replacement process and capital projects, such as new centres, centre expansions and equipment upgrades
  • Supporting regional radiation treatment program development within each Regional Cancer Program

Radiation Wait Times Decreasing

We have been publicly reporting radiation treatment wait times since 2004.

Provincial wait times for radiation treatment have steadily and significantly improved since 2003 as the result of better planning and new investments in cancer centres, radiation equipment and personnel.

As of November 2013, more than 98.9% of cancer patients started radiation treatment within 4 weeks of being ready to treat, compared with 69% in January 2006, an improvement of 43.3%.

While wait times have improved and are continuing to do so, we must continuously monitor them to ensure we remain within target, provincially, and by cancer centre and disease site. 


View Radiation Treatment Wait Times

Last modified: Fri, May 02, 2014
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