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Cancer Imaging Program

Cancer Imaging Program Strategic Plan

Strategic Directions, Timely Access to Quality Imaging outlines the inception and structure of the Cancer Imaging Program, its past achievements, current plan and goals.

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To enhance the patient journey by identifying and implementing the seven strategic priorities for quality improvement in cancer imaging.  

  • Improve the quality of cancer imaging
  • Improve patient access to cancer imaging
  • Improve early detection and diagnosis
  • Integrate cancer imaging in the patient journey
  • Facilitate and accelerate evidence-based change
  • Improve communication both within the radiology community and between radiology and referring physicians/front-line patient care staff
  • Optimize the safe use of cancer imaging  

The Cancer Imaging Program develops and promotes the safe, appropriate use of imaging. Our work is an integral part of accomplishing the Ontario Cancer Plan goal of ensuring timely access to accurate diagnosis and safe, high-quality care.

Key Initiatives

Developing and Fostering an Imaging Community of Practice

  • Continue development to strengthen initial relationships
  • Continue collaboration with other Cancer Care Ontario program groups to ensure ongoing identification of factors related to cancer imaging that impact patient care

Imaging Appropriateness

  • Develop and implement a strategy to increase referring physician awareness of the most-appropriate imaging tests for lung and colorectal cancer patients
  • Develop minimal technical standards for imaging for lung and colorectal cancer
  • Assess current practice for appropriate imaging referrals for lung and colorectal cancer patients
  • Continue the Imaging Appropriateness initiative for other disease sites

Timely Access to Imaging

  • Identify contributing factors to wait times for priority procedures
  • Assess wait times and access for priority procedures
  • Develop prioritized action plan to reduce wait times, if present/relevant

Standardized/Synoptic Reporting

  • Deploy provincially the synoptic report developed for rectal cancer MRI
  • Investigate the expansion of synoptic reporting to other disease sites

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