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New Drug Funding Program (NDFP)
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The New Drug Funding Program (NDFP), created in 1995, is a publicly funded drug program under the Ontario Public Drug Programs (OPDP). NDFP directly covers the cost of many newer, and often very expensive, injectable cancer drugs administered in hospitals and cancer centres.

Eligibility – New Drug Funding Program

Patients must be residents of Ontario and have a valid Ontario Health Card. Reimbursement is for the drug costs for patients who meet the NDFP eligibility criteria for the specific approved injectable cancer drug.

Eligibility forms specify the reimbursement criteria for injectable cancer drugs, drug combinations and indications covered under the NDFP.

Completed eligibility forms and supporting clinical documents (when required), must be submitted by the prescribing physicians before treatments begin. Treatment claims and supporting documentation, if applicable, must be submitted to Cancer Care Ontario according to the monthly submission schedule. All enrollment forms, treatment claims and supporting clinical documents, must be submitted through CCO eClaims.

For detailed information on the eligibility criteria of NDFP drugs, please refer to the drug-specific criteria in the below document.

Reimbursement for Cancer Drugs

  • NDFP funds new and expensive hospital-based injectable cancer drugs that have been evaluated and approved for coverage.
  • NDFP funds the majority of IV cancer drug costs in Ontario. The remainder is covered by the Systemic Treatment Quality-Based Program, mainly for older cancer drugs that were approved before the establishment of the NDFP or those drugs that have become generic and less expensive.
  • Treatments administered in the inpatient setting are not eligible for funding via NDFP.
  • NDFP does not fund cancer drugs administered in private clinics.
  • NDFP does not reimburse individuals or retail pharmacies for the cost of cancer drugs. Instead, reimbursements are made to Ontario’s regional cancer centres, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and more than 80 community hospitals.
  • Reimbursement is for the drug costs of those patients who meet the eligibility criteria for the specific approved drugs.
  • NDFP has updated the draft policy on the reimbursement of cancer drugs for patients on clinical trials.
  • A streamlined review process of clinical trial assessments has been implemented with the Systemic Treatment – Quality-Based Program
  • Visit the Systemic Treatment Clinical Trials page to request an assessment of a clinical trial and to learn more about the new process.
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Last modified: Thu, Jun 01, 2017
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