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Regional Cancer Programs and Performance Management

Cancer Care Ontario has established Regional Cancer Programs (RCPs) in every Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) in the province. RCPs are networks of hospitals and other agencies involved in providing cancer prevention, screening, and diagnostic and treatment services in the LHIN.

Each RCP is led by a Cancer Care Ontario Regional Vice President who also leads the regional cancer centre (RCC), which is located at a hospital in the LHIN. CCO appoints a Regional Vice President in each LHIN to guide both the RCC and the RCP.

The Regional Cancer Programs were established in 2005 to respond to local cancer issues and needs; to act on provincial quality standards for cancer services locally; and to improve wait times, access and quality by managing and coordinating care across local and regional providers – including hospitals, CCACs, public health and primary care.

Regional Cancer Programs are designed to ensure that all Ontarians receive a consistently high quality of cancer care, as close to home as possible.

Last modified: Tue, Oct 20, 2009
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