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PEBC Evidence-Based Products

The Program in Evidence-Based Care evidence-based guidelines, developed by Cancer Care Ontario, are intended to improve the quality of cancer care and patient outcome in Ontario. For details about the guideline development process, see the PEBC Handbook.

Types of Guidance

Clinical practice guidelines : These guidelines are used to assist practitioner and patient decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances.

Organizational guidelines and standards : These reports are used by leaders in the cancer care system (such as managers and organizers) to help with their decision making.

Committee to Evaluate Drugs/CCO Subcommittee (CED-CCO) Reports (formerly DQTC-SOS Reports) : The CED-CCO is the committee responsible for making recommendations regarding drug funding. The PEBC reports are used to help with deliberations related to drug-funding decisions. In contrast to clinical practice guidelines, the CED-CCO reports have not completed the full guideline development cycle.

Evidence-Based Series

The work of the PEBC is presented in a report entitled the Evidence-Based Series (EBS). The series comprises three sections.

Section 1: Guideline Recommendations.
Contains the clinical recommendations derived from a systematic review of the clinical and scientific literature and its interpretation by the Group or Panel involved and a formalized external review in Ontario by review participants.

Section 2: Evidentiary Base.
Presents the comprehensive evidentiary/systematic review of the clinical and scientific research on the topic and the conclusions reached by the Group or Panel.

Section 3: EBS Development Methods and External Review Process. Summarizes the evidence-based series development process and the results of the formal external review of the draft version of Section 1: Recommendations and Section 2: Evidentiary Base.

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