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CIO Portfolio

The CIO Portfolio supports our work in cancer, access to care and chronic kidney disease, while ensuring a robust and efficient internal infrastructure for the organization. How? By delivering information and information management tools, systems and services that can be used to improve the performance of Ontario’s healthcare system, enhance quality of care and expand patient-centred care. 

Staff experience and expertise

CIO Portfolio staff include information architects, system engineers, developers, program managers, project managers, business analysts, epidemiologists, communicators, strategists, change management specialists, quality assurance analysts and security specialists, with expertise in these areas:

  • Development, deployment and adoption of information and technology solutions;
  • Project and program management;
  • Data collection, data quality and management;
  • Business intelligence, analytics and reporting; and
  • Clinical engagement.


CIO Portfolio serves a broad range of clients across healthcare including: government officials, planners, policy makers, clinicians, allied healthcare providers, administrators, primary care providers and patients.

2011-2015 Information Strategy

The priorities of the CIO Portfolio are set out in our 2011-2015 Information Strategy. This strategy has four key elements, each critical to successfully meeting client needs. Taken together the power of these elements is exponentially greater than their sum. We call this “information to the power of four” (I)4.

Elements of the 2011-2015 Information Strategy
Goals for 2015
The right people, processes and technology
Create a robust foundation for the delivery of information and technology products and services and actionable information
Instrument the System
The tools and systems that enable us to capture and deliver data
Apply comprehensive, integrated information and technology solutions across the patient journey.
The art and science of transforming data into actionable information
Provide actionable information to decision-makers to improve performance management
The combination of good ideas, smart risks and strategic investment
Deliver business value to our clients through innovation in information and technology

Learn more about the 2011-2015 Information Strategy and the work of the CIO Portfolio

Last modified: Wed, May 04, 2011
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