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Cancer Care Ontario Wants You to Get Healthy
It’s time to make the first move against cancer
Posted on 2015/03/03

Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) is encouraging Ontarians to lower their risk of cancer by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

To coincide with Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, CCO has released a new report titled Healthy Weights, Healthy Eating and Active Living that shows a lack of exercise, poor diet and obesity are risk factors for many cancers, including colorectal cancer. In fact, 8 per cent of new colorectal cancer cases in Ontario in 2010 were attributable to excess body weight. And with the proportion of overweight or obese Ontarians continuing to rise, we can expect to see the number of obesity-related cancers increase.

But by embracing healthy habits, Ontarians can make the first move and help reduce the burden of colorectal cancer across the province.

The following recommendations can help reduce your risk of developing colorectal cancer:

  • Exercise regularly: Being physically active for 30 minutes each day and limiting sedentary behaviour is enough to significantly reduce your risk.
  • Eat a healthy diet: Incorporate at least five portions or servings (at least 400 grams or 14 ounces) of assorted non-starchy vegetables and fruit into your diet each day. As a rule, limit your consumption of red and processed meats whenever possible.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: Excess body weight increases your risk of developing colorectal cancer. To avoid significant weight gain, avoid sugary drinks and limit the amount of fast food in your diet.


  • For every 5 kg/m² increase in body mass index, colorectal cancer risk increases by 15 per cent.
  • In 2010, 625 cases of colorectal cancer were attributable to overweight or obesity.


“Many people believe that reducing their cancer risk is out of their control. But you can lower your risk by making better choices when it comes to healthy eating, exercising more and watching your waistline. Healthy lifestyle choices can make a difference when it comes to cancer.” - Dr. Catherine Dubé, Clinical Lead, ColonCancerCheck, Cancer Care Ontario

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Last modified: Thu, Apr 09, 2015
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