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Value of Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture adds value by:

  • Unifying and integrating business processes across the organization
  • Improving the ability to unify and integrate data and linkages with external partners
  • Improving the ability to share functional components (re-use and re-purpose)
  • Increasing agility by lowering the "complexity barrier"
  • Increasing standardization of technologies and infrastructure
  • Reducing time to market for solutions by maximizing reuse of enterprise models
  • Increasing our ability to create and maintain a common vision of the future

By implementing an enterprise architecture framework, we have been able to deliver better, more advanced technology by:

  • Investing now to save later
  • Investing in working smarter—not harder
  • Investing in our staff
  • Investing in improving processes

To accomplish this we look at emerging industry best practices, leverage the latest trends in technology, take an innovative approach to the technology we currently have in place and make investments for the future.

Last modified: Wed, Feb 06, 2013
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